Produsele afisate sunt doar o parte din produsele pe care le comercializez (work in progress :)
La cerere se pot aduce si alte produse decat cele afisate pe blog sau parfumuri.

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joi, 7 octombrie 2010


Shimmer Lash Kit

54,99 LEI

All you need to easily apply Shimmer Lashes without the mess. The soft anti-bacterial tip is contoured to provide precise, gap-free placement. Gently remove lashes for later use and store in the anti-bacterial stand provided to retain natural lash curve.
Shimmer Lashes are feminine and luminous and are designed with thick and thin synthetic fibers in a criss-cross pattern. Dusted with silver micro glitter, these lashes create a voluminous, shimmering effect.

Professional Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Wipes

74,99 LEI

Are the preferred cleaning solution for gently cleaning, conditioning and disinfecting fine brush hair. This environmentally safe cleaner dissolves all types of makeup products including powder, liquids, wax based and adhesive. Packs include 12 wipes.

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